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Serving the Scientific Community Since 1977

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Current Specials DSA40040-1 DSA40040-10 DSA40040-25 DSB12200-0.1 DSC46000-1 DSC46000-5 DSC46000-25 DSC51000-1 DSC51000-5 DSC52000-1 DSD43020-10 DSD43020-25 DSD43020-100 DSH75000-1 DSH75000-5 DSP40160-1 DSP40160-5 DSP33020-0.025 DSP33020-0.1 DSP33020-0.5 DSA22500-5000 DSC34500-1000 DSE14000-500 DSG36050-500 DSG36050-1000 DSG36050-5000 DSH75030-1000 DSP10400-1000 DSP32060-4000 DSP32080-100T DST60010-1000 DST60010-1000 DST60040-500 DST60040-1000 DST60050-500 DST60050-1000 DSA20080-100 DSA20096-50 DSA20600-500 DSA20600-1000 DSB32050-500 DSS23040-500 DSC70700-1 DSD11000-5 DSE57020-1000 DSI56000-100 DSP41200-500 DSP50220-0.1 DSS23020-1000 DSP20370-0.5 DSW20525-4000 DS248700-500 DS248700 DSB71800-1 DSA20020-500 DSA30075-100 DSG22020-0.5 DSG22020-1 DSG22020-4 DSL24066-1000 DSL24080-500 DSL24022-500 DSL24400-1000 DSN14100-500 DSP20250-1000 DSP20240-1000 DST15000-1000 DST60065-1000 DST60060-500 DSY20025-1000 DSY20020-500 DSY20020-1000

A NY State Certified, Woman-Owned Small Business


Laboratory Products Sales, a woman owned small business, is a customer focused distributor of laboratory supplies, reagents and equipment.

Here you will find more than 6000 products used in Life Science Laboratories as well as useful protocols for many procedures in molecular biology. In addition, we are a repair and calibration center for all brands of precision liquid handling pipettings devices. Find out more about our company.

Laboratory Products Sales, Inc
1665 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624

Call us at: (800) 388-0166
Fax us at: (585) 247-6686
EMail us at: LPS@LpsInc.com

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