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LPS Recycling Program


Laboratory Products Sales
“GREEN” Products and Services

Services offered

  1. Pipet tip box and insert recycling
    1. Laboratory Products Sales will accept and recycle all their used Pipet Tip boxes and tip insert wafers.
    2. In order to be recycled all tape, product labels and stickers must be removed from the boxes.
    3. Because of the cost involved, only tip boxes and wafers purchased from Laboratory Products Sales will be accepted.
    4. Please package all recycling in cardboard boxes.
    5. Please contact your LPS sales rep for pick up or send the recycling to us at: Laboratory Products Sales. 1665 Buffalo Rd.  Rochester, NY 14624. Attention: Recycling
  2. Corning ® pipet tip boxes, plastic bags and foam tube tray recycling
    1. Please collect all Corning brand pipet tip boxes, plastic wrappers and foam tube trays into a carton.
    2. It is best to have separate cartons for each, but comingling is acceptable.
    3. Carton cannot weigh more than 50 lbs when full
    4. Seal the carton and apply the prepaid USPS mailing label.
    5. Send via the US postal service.  Postage is prepaid when using the label.
    6. For Pre-paid USPS address labels, please contact Corning customer Service or your local Corning representative.
  1. Pipettor Calibration
    1. LPS has been a leader in pipettor repair and calibration for over 20 years. Extend the life of your pipettors by allowing us to bring them back to life with accurate and precise calibration.  We use only the manufacturer’s original parts in our repairs.  For additional information click here: /Repair.asp or phone the repair dept. at 800.388.0166


Products offered

  • Laboratory Products Sales has offered products that are safer to use and ecologicaly responsible for more than 30 years.  Below is a list of the products offered with links to the web.
  1. National Diagnostics Biodegradeable and non-toxic Liquid Scintillation Fluids.  For over 30 years National Diagnostics has pioneered the development of high efficiency LSC solutions that are safe for the environment.  Here is the web link to their products: https://www.lpsinc.com/Catalog3.asp?Chapter=Solutions&ChapterID=211&DropDown=False&cat_num=6  and a link to the National Diagnostics Company page: https://www.nationaldiagnostics.com/index.php/cPath/26?osCsid=1f0b53690759df850dd307f7fff6b68e
  1. National Diagnostics Electrophoresis products. Again National Diagnostics leads the field with solutions that sgreatly reduce exposure to the researcher. Please click here for their complete listing of acrylamide solutions,  protein stains, and buffers: https://www.lpsinc.com/Catalog2.asp?SectionID=67&cat_num=6
  1. Laboratory Products Sales Pipet tip re-load systems.  We are proud to offer Three pipet tip reload systems that will greatly reduce the amount of waste.  These systems allows the user to reuse their existing pipet tip boxes and easily reload our pre-loaded tip wafers into those boxes.  Using these systems in conjunction with the LPS recycling program will just about eliminate the waste involved with pipet tip packaging.  Here is a link to our Pipet Tip selection guide, use the drop down to select Re-Loads and Inserts. https://www.lpsinc.com/Catalog3.asp?Chapter=Standard+Pipet+Tips&ChapterID=229&DropDown=True&cat_num=2



A NY State Certified, Woman-Owned Small Business


Laboratory Products Sales, a woman owned small business, is a customer focused distributor of laboratory supplies, reagents and equipment.

Here you will find more than 6000 products used in Life Science Laboratories as well as useful protocols for many procedures in molecular biology. In addition, we are a repair and calibration center for all brands of precision liquid handling pipettings devices. Find out more about our company.

Laboratory Products Sales, Inc
1665 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624

Call us at: (800) 388-0166
Fax us at: (585) 247-6686
EMail us at: info@lpsinc.com

LPS Recycling Program